Efficiently add network capacity while ensuring customers receive the best value for their money.

Deepfield provides an all-in-one platform that ingests all network telemetry and enables multiple datasets to be correlated in real-time allowing for a diverse set of organizational teams to co-exist on the same platform and solve unique problems concurrently. Cloud providers that benefit from this service include: OTT/content service providers, game providers, CDNs, data center operators, hosting providers, and Internet Exchanges (IXPs).

Software-based DDoS Detection and Mitigation

  • Context aware defense with visibility into services, CDNs, and sites – not just IP addresses.
  • Protect 10,000 WAN routers or 100,000 servers all in the same intuitive, modern interface
  • Explore any dimension in real-time and historically with raw flow forensics

Understand Your Core Backbone

  • Real-time analytics into content, services, CDN, peers, infrastructure, and more
  • Breakthrough multi-dimensional and built-in data center and network logic
  • Peer traffic accounting with data that does not age out over time
    • Reconcile peer traffic and billing with full resolution as long as you have disc

Easily Manage Network Performance

  • Total visibility into subscriber QoE for any part of your network
  • Visualize the performance of all major OTT video sites in a segment of the network
  • Drill into network to find performance issues
  • Visualize impact of quality when caching