The Deepfield team combines decades of experience in carrier class network engineering, cutting edge Internet academic research and the latest thought leadership in cloud computing and big data science.

Executive Team


We believe data shouldn’t just be for a specialized team. It’s for everyone. Our goal is to make your network intelligence available, relevant, and timely—no matter who’s looking at it. We want you to have the means and confidence to give you and your customers what they want, when they want it.

We are a growing team of Internet and cloud experts who have helped create the Internet itself, starting with our work on the original NSFNet. We’ve been working to solve the hardest problems facing the industry. Over the last two decades we have conducted cornerstone research into cloud and Internet structure, accumulating dozens of important research papers, patents, and articles.

We have been recognized with several awards, including the ACM Test of Time, acknowledging our major contributions to Internet research. We regularly provide data and analysis for national media as subject matter experts.

Before Deepfield, some of our team were the founding scientists, engineers, and patent authors for one of the world’s most successful Internet security and monitoring companies. To round things out our team also includes experts on the most current research in big data science and information visualization

Deepfield was founded by Dr. Craig Labovitz and Joe Eggleston in 2012 to make network intelligence accessible and actionable. Today, we’re a team of incredibly talented engineers who turn complex data into actionable insights for the world’s largest cloud and network infrastructures.

When you come to work at Deepfield you’re not coming here to create something frivolous. This is about creating heavy-duty software to solve complex problems. The people who want to work here are those who are attracted to solving some of the hardest problems there are in their fields.