DENOG 8 | Nov. 22-24, 2016 | Darmstadt, Germany

DENOG is the short form of 'German Network Operators Group' and itself describes as a forum for and about german network operators. It's similar to NANOG and SwiNOG

As a forum, DENOG has no memberships and no official presence - whoever is interested can participate, there are numerous ways:


DENOG-Meetings are annual events to meet, talk and chat about all aspects of their work or to give lightning talks to network related topics.

Meetings are once a year and will be organized by DENOG members in Cooperation with a company who acts as a host. There is a meeting fee, however this is needed to support the official program, meeting venue; mainly sponsors cover most of the costs. 

More information about the DENOG-Meetings can be found there.