NANOG69 | Feb. 6-8 | Washington D.C.

Deepfield to Sponsor Beer 'N Gear at NANOG 69. More information coming soon.


NANOG69 (North American Network Operators Group), is conference that covers topics such as: Interconnections intra-building, IXes, metro-wide connections, MMR, transit purchasing tactics and strategies and peering Power and facilities green power, power reliability and engineering, cooling, power efficiency and facilities management DNS botnet discovery, using DNS data for network metrics and geolocation Security route filtering of large peers/customers, routing security, inter-AS security and cooperation Content content payment models, Distribution, storage/archiving, content distribution technologies and networks IPv6 Carrier Grade NAT, real-world deployment challenges, allocation strategies, NAT-PT implementations that work and scale Disaster recovery training, risk analysis, planning methods, agencies, key tools, hardware portability and transport audits