Deepfield Cloud Intelligence Now Available!

Deepfield announces general availability of its flagship cloud analytics product

Deepfield Cloud Intelligence Deployed Across 1/5 of US Internet

ANN ARBOR, Mich., August 1, 2013—Deepfield announced today the general availability of its flagship Cloud Intelligence™ product. Deepfield Cloud Intelligence provides real-time management of cloud and over-the-top services to dramatically improve performance and reduce costs in large enterprises, carriers and cloud providers.

Deepfield CEO & Co-Founder Craig Labovitz said today that Deepfield is now used by a wide cross-section of US cloud and consumer Internet providers equating to roughly 1/5 of all US Internet traffic. Deepfield initial customers include cloud providers, content delivery companies, carriers and large enterprises in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Deepfield provides Cloud Intelligence as either software virtual appliances or a hosted service (SaaS). Labovitz said Deepfield’s software solution replaces racks of specialized service assurance, network management and analytics hardware in enterprise and carrier data centers. “Legacy hardware solutions are on the wrong side of Moore’s Law,” said Labovitz. “Ten years ago the problem was getting data from servers and network infrastructure. Today, the challenge is how to leverage massive streams of network and cloud performance data to make intelligent business decisions. Our Cloud Genome® technology enables our products to do in software what was previously only possible in hardware making our platform highly scalable and an order of magnitude more cost effective.”

Deepfield’s breakthrough Cloud Genome technology automatically learns the structure of both public and private cloud services. Like human DNA, the Cloud Genome provides the key for decoding massive streams of real-time network data. Chief Data Scientist Naim Falandino said, “Deepfield has built a platform that can deal with the Three V’s of big data: volume, variety and velocity. The differentiator is that in addition to storing, analyzing and accessing this data, our platform also applies a deep level of domain knowledge to it so that users can immediately derive value for their business needs.”

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