Deepfield Receives Follow-on, Network-wide Order from Major North American Cable MSO

Deepfield’s Service-level Performance Analytics Helps Cable Operator Deliver High-Quality Video Streaming

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 30, 2015—Deepfield, the leading provider of big data analytics software for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Cloud Providers, and Enterprises, today announced it has received a substantial follow-on order from a major North American Cable MSO in the US to significantly expand its network visibility footprint.  This order demonstrates the on-going business value that MSOs are deriving from Deepfield’s Singularity™ Big Data analytics platform, a highly scalable and cost-effective virtualized software environment. The Singularity platform and applications are a perfect for use in data centers and service provider networks, including those implementing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

MSOs are continuing to experience rapid video streaming growth in their networks. Driven by new brand-name OTT services, in-house video-on-demand services, and support for UHD-quality video, they are looking to ensure that their networks can support high-quality video streaming end-to-end across their entire network footprint while judiciously managing their CapEx spend on incremental network infrastructure. By optimizing their access networks for video services, Cable MSOs can significantly reduce their video traffic across their backbone networks, providing better service to their subscribers, while reducing costs in delivery.

“MSOs are continually making changes to their network infrastructure since they are facing increased bandwidth needs from the subscribers especially given their increasing appetite for video streaming as they shift away from broadcast TV,” says Craig Labovitz, CEO at Deepfield. “Hot regional markets for video streaming need to be identified carefully and quickly so that network infrastructure can be optimized and ROI can be improved. DeepField enables real-time video traffic monitoring by service and monitors its bandwidth utilization.  By using this intelligence, CSPs can avoid network issues before they occur and reduce subscriber churn rates.”

Deepfield’s revolutionary Cloud Genome™ technology automatically and continuously identifies and tracks the structure of thousands of cloud-based services. It operates as an automated, intelligent data mining agent examining and interacting with these services to learn the traffic patterns that identify them—like DNA—thereby mapping the cyber supply chain of the Internet. In the case of OTT video streaming, Cloud Genome helps CSPs to identify video traffic CDN patterns to optimize and/or augment OTT video service delivery.

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