Deepfield Introduces “Defender” Real-Time DDoS Detection and Mitigation

Deepfield Introduces “Defender” Real-Time DDoS Detection and Mitigation

Reinventing DDoS Protection for Today’s Networks

ANN ARBOR, Mich., August 29, 2016—Deepfield, the leading provider of real-time network performance and security solutions for communication service providers, cloud providers, and large enterprises today announced the availability of Defender, a next-generation DDoS solution. Building on twenty years of pioneering anti-DDoS research, Defender introduces breakthrough technologies designed to defend today’s hybrid cloud and complex datacenter services.

“Twenty years ago, we set out to stop crippling DDoS attacks against thousands of Internet critical servers and backbone links”, said Dr. Craig Labovitz, CEO at Deepfield. “Today, the servers have moved to the cloud and the next generation of DDoS attacks poses an equally serious threat to modern cloud based carrier and enterprise datacenter services.”

 “Just read news headlines and it’s clear that current DDOS technology is failing”, said Labovitz. “Today’s Internet requires global visibility to deal with threats—and that means correlating data from thousands of servers, routers, and other network elements across the network in real-time. With Defender, we are changing the landscape of cloud security threat management and DDoS detection and mitigation.”

Networks and services have changed significantly since I started fighting DDoS back in the late 1990’s,” says Deepfield’s VP Product, Rob Malan. “You can’t just look at an IP address or ASN anymore. You need context to know how your service was being delivered before the attack, how the attack has affected it, and any impact on collateral traffic streams that a mitigation will take.”

Defender’s cloud-scale analytics engine provides multi-data source and multi-dimensional detection algorithms—significantly speeding detection and dramatically reducing false positives/negatives over earlier technology.

Key Defender features include:

    Next-Generation DDoS Detection: Defender goes way beyond traditional DDoS solutions to analyze data from dozens of data sources with much faster and deeper analytics. The Defender detection algorithms provide more accurate and faster detection than any previous solution.

    Cloud-Scale Detection: Defender scales from the largest networks and data centers in the world to small enterprise networks—all using the same on-premise or SaaS-based Singularity analytics engine.

    Open Ecosystem: No more vendor lock-in. The easily extensible Defender connector API provides seamless integration with most market-leading mitigation appliances and cloud-based mitigation services.

    Beautiful Interface: Security is no longer only for the organizations that can afford teams of security specialists to interpret opaque warnings and alerts. Defender introduces a beautifully crafted user experience to greatly simplify DDoS protection and dramatically reduce the cost of training and operations.

     Cloud Genome: Defender includes built-in knowledge of the entire Internet. Deepfield’s breakthrough Cloud Genome® technology maps hundreds of millions of services, IP addresses and datacenters every day—providing a rich and detailed understanding of threats and DDoS detection.


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