Deepfield Defender: Software-based, real-time DDoS detection and mitigation with unparalleled accuracy

Next generation DDoS attacks require your defense to be context aware with visibility into services, CDNs, and sites – not just IP addresses. Deepfield Defender is the fastest, most flexible, and accurate DDoS solution in the market. Defender automatically combines many sources of real-time streaming datasets from your network to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in seconds—not minutes—significantly decreasing positives. This Deepfield solution performs built-in software-based mitigation and integrates with industry leading third-party hardware and virtual mitigation devices.

Defender DDoS focuses on detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks with real-time threat response. Deepfield aggregates data from siloed data sources such as network telemetry, DNS, and threat feeds then enriches it with Cloud Genome®—Deepfield’s patented service mapping—to achieve full visibility of the cyber supply chain. It then then applies behavior-based analytics models to provide sufficient context to detect and mitigate current threats in the market. Defender is packaged, open-ecosystem software that can be deployed in multiple ways (in-cloud or on-prem) and integrates easily with partner hardware. 

Stop threats before they stop your network.

Coordinate layers of defense and Lower the cost of DDoS and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Deepfield Defender is open-ecosystem, software-based and horizontally scalable.

It automatically utilizes existing infrastructure to mitigate 99% of attacks out-of-the-box via BGP FlowSpec and blackholing—significantly minimizing  TCO and cost of DDoS mitigation. Our open architecture environment provides flexible, low cost options for more complex mitigations, no vendor lock-in, and a platform to manage all data from one UI—making it easy to choose the best and most efficient mitigation system.

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