Analytics to help improve your Netflix Ranking

Efficiently expand your network to offer new services and capacity while giving subscribers the best QoE. 

Deepfield helps network operators (cable MSOs, Fiber/DSL access providers, transit/peering providers, and mobile operators) analyze network telemetry in one place, enabling multiple datasets to be correlated in real-time allowing different solutions for different organizational teams to co-exist on the same platform.


Stop DDoS Before Service Disruption

  • Real-Time detection, alerting, and response
  • More data, wider context using Singularity big data platform
  • Higher Fidelity- Information annotated and contextualized by Cloud Genome® dataset

End-to-End Network Visibility

  • Centralized view of your network and services
  • Monitor network traffic for capacity planning and operational troubleshooting by router, interface, peer, AS path, origin ASN, customer, country
  • See application performance breakdown at the access edge of your network

Actionable Analytics for Optimal Customer QoE

  • Improve your Netflix rating by pinpointing underperforming areas of your network and making enhancements
  • Compare performance and usage of encrypted vs. unencrypted traffic
  • Automatically map performance issues to data centers, CMTS, game servers, and more