Deepfield Service Assurance is encryption-proof, providing visibility that is impossible using DPI.

Network performance is not about up-and-down links anymore, it is about managing the customer experience by understanding key metrics like average-bit-rate per stream.

Back-to-back, real-world comparisons between Deepfield SA and DPI probes show more accurate and actionable data generated by Deepfield SA utilizing Cloud Genome® global service mapping when deployed in top telecom companies.

Deepfield's next generation Service Assurance provides accurate classification of services without the complexity, astronomic expense, and overhead of big hardware deployed in your network. Deepfield uses a diverse range of techniques to accurately classify traffic and services, such as our patented global scale service mapping (Cloud Genome®) of the Internet’s underlying structure. Cloud Genome® provides insight to millions of individual servers, data centers, compute clouds, storage clouds, CDNs, etc., that uniquely combine to provide the service like Hulu, Netflix, Sales Force and many thousands of others real-time big data analytics to correlate multiple data source—such as Flow, DNS, and log files. 

Service Assurance reports actionable insights for operations, product and planning, and correlates your network end-to-end for root cause analysis. 

Key Attributes of Service Assurance (SA)

Service Assurance is a new application that focuses on managing quality of experience (QoE) and cost / pricing analytics across all your subscribers. By virtualizing performance management, Deepfield enables a provider to substantially save on capex spend and deployment costs. Deepfield SA provides a cost effective, software-based solution that requires no hardware and is easy to scale, manage, and deploy.

Deepfield's solution APIs easily integrate with OpenStack, OpenDaylight and existing network elements such as caches, routers and DPI middle boxes.